All products are formulated to the FreeSKIN by Tessa standard.


FreeSKIN by Tessa only tests on humans. Not only to save animals, but to make sure your products work and the results are based on real skin— (not the back of a bunny ear!)


FreeSKIN by Tessa products are subjected to the most rigorous testing available, and are intended to deliver results + solutions, as you would expect from the treatment products given to you by your esthetician. Testing includes:

+ Consumer approval (only products trialed, performance tested, reviewed and approved by our consumer panel are approved.) 

+ Efficacy testing (every performance ingredient must have documented proof of efficacy before it can be included in our products.) 

+ Stability testing (microbiology, heat, cold and light stability, and container compatibility.)

+ Dermatologist testing (products developed for sensitive skin are also tested, reviewed and approved by board-certified derms.)

+ Opthalmologist approved (not every product is safe or intended to be used around the eye!)


FreeSKIN by Tessa products contain effective levels of performance ingredients (not just the trendy ingredient of the moment.) Every ingredient is tested for efficacy, stability and safety at the highest level to ensure noticeable results, every time. 


Tessa includes no harsh ingredients such as sodium laurel sulfates, mineral oil, comedogenic ingredients solvent alcohols, dyes or fragrance. As an esthetician and corrective skin specialist, Tessa sees firsthand how long-term usage of poor quality products affects the skin. This impacts the health of the skin barrier, the armor for your skin protecting it from pollution, irritation and free radicals. In working with clients one-on-one, Tessa notices many clients felt sensitive, congested, acne prone, and dry at the same time. Often, this imbalance is due to the nature of the products used on the skin every day. The FreeSKIN by Tessa mission is to create barrier rehabilitation solutions for all skin types, genders and colors. 


Most people have compromised their barrier on some level at some point in their life. People are sensitized from our ever-changing environment, food, more topical products, rubbing, cleansing, and touching. Most people need more hydration, calming, gentler exfoliation, protection and repair work. FreeSKIN by Tessa products are formulated with everything they need, and nothing they don’t… A simple system designed to kick-start a healthy skin routine (and enjoyable self care) for your individual needs. 


Our products combine the wisdom of nature with the power of science, relying on plant and mineral derived ingredients instead of animal or petroleum sources. FreeSKIN by Tessa relies on clinically tested bio-effective and multi-functional antioxidants, phytonutrients, peptides and botanicals to create the best results-oriented skincare available. 


Many brands may include low-levels of the active ingredient for marketing purposes, or try to impress you by overloading their products with ingredients or high percentages of acids only to one-up the competition. This can lead to irritation, unstable products, higher costs and poor formulation. FreeSKIN by Tessa products are formulated with dose-dependent levels, meaning ingredients are used at the correct amounts to ensure optimal skin health and integrity is maintained throughout the course of your homecare routine. 


While we all generally have the same number of melanocytes in our skin, skin of color can be more reactive to trauma, acids and harsh ingredients that may be in anti-aging, acne or exfoliant products. When treating multi-cultural skin, it is especially important to avoid poorly formulated high percentage acids, sharp exfoliants and stripping cleansers that can lead to micro-tissue damage. Tessa is experienced in treating skin of color, and her formulas reflect her gentle, step-up approach to ingredients. 


Orange County is Tessa’s college town, her happy place, where her family resides, and somewhere that holds a special place in her heart. It’s where she feels most herself, and “free” of judgment and worry. It’s where FreeSkin by Tessa was inspired, formulated, and the name came to be.  


Tessa created this line with her clients’ results at heart, and her name on the line. Her clients’ transformations are at the core of her business. As a former acne-sufferer, she knows the difference healthy skin can make in our mental health, confidence, and how we interact with the outside world. FreeSKIN by Tessa reflects the highest professional standard Tessa extends to her clients, loved ones and of course— her own skin. Your purchases help support a small business, with big dreams!

Is Un-Dew a cleansing Balm?

ANSWER: Un-Dew is an alternative to traditional cleansing balms.

While cleansing balms and oils can be very effective at attracting oil on the skin, they can be problematic for certain skin types prone to congestion or inflammation. Many cleansing balms are filled with lovely oils, but don’t contain necessary surfactants, leading to clogged pores, excess oil and breakouts. Like a cleansing oil, Un-Dew is effective at dissolve makeup and other impurities, but it rinses completely clean with water.

The issue with using a water-based cleanser after a cleansing balm is that it may not completely cut the oil residue left on the skin (since water and oil do not mix.) While the product may contain emulsifiers, in some cases, it may not effectively eliminate the congestive residue. Not only may this trigger breakouts, but it may prevent active ingredients from being able to penetrate past the oil. In the case of those with rosacea-prone skin, excess oil on the skin and a congestive residue trapping in more oil tends to provide a food source for Demodex mites, resulting in vascular activity and flares.

Lastly, in the world of skincare, we must follow the basic rule of science, layering products with the smallest molecules first, and the largest molecules last (think: layering your Vitamin C Serum before applying a moisturizer, and oil on top as the very last step, or occlusive sealant. For this reason, cleansing with a large molecule first is an inefficient start to your routine!

Should I double cleanse every day, twice a day?

ANSWER: Your skin is uniquely yours and ever-changing. There is no one-size fits all routine that works for everyone, every day!

Because Tessa recognizes all skin is unique, the Re-Set is designed to use as a two-step system (when needed for thorough removal of makeup or SPF, followed by a deeper cleanse) OR with individual cleansers suited to your skin type and current skin needs. For more guidance on cleansing for your skin type, download our handy guides!

Can I use Un-Dew + Lo-Foam on my body?

ANSWER: Absolutely!

While many cleansers appropriate for the face may be too sensitizing for delicate areas of the body, both cleansers make excellent body washes, as they are ultra-mild, soap-free, sulfate-free, and free of fragrance, essential oils, colorants, volatile alcohols, urea, dyes, acids, strong emulsifiers, lanolins, mineral oils, parabens or other commonly used sensitizers.

Pro-tip: Apply Un-Dew before stepping into the shower and massaging/rinsing, or as a shaving lubricant. Lo-Foam may be used as a gentle, light foaming body wash for all skin types.

Can I wash my makeup brushes with Lo-Foam?

ANSWER: You sure can!

Lo-Foam makes an excellent brush cleaner. It dissolves makeup, deep cleans, and leaves skin (or brushes) perfectly in tact!

Are Un-Dew and Lo-Foam safe to use around the eyes?


Both cleansers are safe to use around the eyes! All FreeSKIN by Tessa products are ophthalmologist tested, cleared and given the OK by a professional eye doctor to use around the eye area for makeup removal and cleansing.


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Due to the nature of our products and small business, we are unable to return products under any circumstance. All sales are final, and we do not offer exchanges. We reserve the right to uphold this policy. 

United States orders are shipped through USPS and take 2-9 business days after receipt of the shipping confirmation. Please understand delays may be possible due to our small team, especially during weekends or holidays. 

Due to the nature of our products and small business, we are unable to return products under any circumstance. All sales are final, and we do not offer exchanges. We reserve the right to uphold this policy.